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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Can any car get Paint Protection Film?

Absolutely! Any car that drives down the road shares the same risks of road debris and rock chips. No car or truck is safe. Paint Protection Film protect any painted surface from the hazards of the road.

How much does Paint Protection Film Cost?

Paint Protection Film costs depend on what all parts of your car you want protected. You could simply get the most basic wear and tear package that starts at $199 or do a full car wrap that can be up to $7,000. However our most popular package is our Full Front PPF which covers the front bumper, hood, front fenders, and mirrors and starts at $1,999.

How much does Ceramic Coating Cost?

The cost of Ceramic Coating can vary depending on the type of coating you elect as well as the size of the car being coated. Larger vehicles require more product which increases cost. There are also various levels of coating including some self healing products that are recommended on darker colored cars. In either case, the entire cars painted surface must be coated. The coating packages start at $1,399.

My car is used, can I still get it protected?

Absolutely! A used vehicle can often times already have some amount of wear and tear on the paint but our services can greatly improve that. Quite often we can make a used car look as good as, if not better than, new!

Why does a brand new car need paint correction?

We get this a lot. The honest truth that many consumers may not know is the process a new car sees before it’s first owner. From the finishing line in the manufacturer where they are 1 of 1000 to leave the facility a day to your local dealer each new car is treated as simply a commodity. Both the manufacturer and your local dealers main goal is to get as many out as quickly as possible. Because of this rush the paint on a new car faces a lot of obstacles.

From adhesives that are designed to protect it during shipping to dealership washers using dirty rags and shortcuts to save time your new vehicle unfortunately is not given the individual attention it deserves. Good news is it’s yours now and that all changes!

You have the chance to properly care for and protect your paint before it faces the hazards of the road. A solid plan of care and protection can exponentially extend the life and appearance of your vehicle.

How did my cars paint become so damaged?

The world is full of hazards that can cause damage to a painted surface. It may not feel like it at first but your vehicles painted surface is pretty porous. Anything from road debris to improper washing techniques and equipment can take a toll and begin to scratch it’s surface.

This is why a proper ceramic coating can be such a beneficial layer of protection to prevent these damages.

What is Ceramic Coating and how does it benefit my car?

Ceramic coatings are used to give your car a new top layer of clear coat for your paint. This new layer will not only make your care look better but it will also give it hydrophobic effects, as well as provide a sacrificial layer in the event that any bird droppings, tree sap, rail dust or acid rain happen to fall onto your vehicle.